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Nautic-Sport, Inc. was created to supply the Marine and Sporting Goods World with innovative products with specific Marine/Sporting Goods applications.  The owners of Nautic-Sport have over 40 years of combined experience in product sourcing and marketing and are driven to offer the marine and sporting goods channel products that fit their needs and are marketed specifically for their channel. 

We have several new products coming and as we grow we will strive to offer this same approach for innovative products that will change the way the marine and sporting goods distributors are approached. 

Emergency Power Source for the Sportsman/Hunter/Camper

Compact design allows you to easily carry it in your pocket, backpack, or glove box. 

Built in safety features that prevent overcharging and any short circuit problems.

Only 8hrs charging time required

Stays fully charged for over 6 months when not in use

Power source for Laptops, Cell Phones, pad devices

Will jump start up to 8 12V vehicle's without recharging

It's hard to find a surface to work comfortably on, that can be rinsed with ease, and is portable. Maybe you manage to muster two out of three, but the newspaper soaks through and leaves a disastrous fishy mess on your countertop surface. You find yourself stuck in a serious predicament with both fish scales and an angry wife who is fed up with your kitchen nightmare. You’re left with no options, but to suck up to her and clean up your mess the hard way. After all "happy wife, happy life," right? If only there was a way to avoid this situation from happening ever again. We'd like to introduce the FilletMaker Fish Cleaning Board and Kitchen Deluxe.

Now you can keep your fish mess contained! That's right! No more angry wives, no more scales flying off the counter, and the easiest clean up system ever to hit the fishing industry!

Simply dump the remains from FilletMaker into the trash, rinse off, and you're DONE! Yes, it's that easy! Our unique trademarked and patented cutting edge design allows you to take it anywhere on the go including your lap. Designed by fishermen for anglers to make your experience a lot easier.  You can even use it for cutting meats, vegetables, fruits, or as a serving tray!

Northland Fishing Tackle® products are designed by fishermen for the quality conscious anglers of the new millennium. The entire management team are fishermen who surround themselves with experienced northwoods fishing guides, veteran charter captains, professional tournament anglers and the famous Team Northland Pro-Staff! These fishing experts provide us with valuable product feedback and innovative fishing ideas that keep us on the "cutting edge" of the fishing tackle industry.

HookSet Media is a Minnesota based resource designed for promoting your outdoor business, whether it's a resort, guide service, or product. We do this for groups as well as individuals through video, photos, and print.

For over 30 years Clam Outdoors has stood for the best in outdoor gear. Our customers tell us that the Clam name means dependable, durable, and tough. That’s important, because no one wants to be out in the field or on the ice and have a problem with their gear. Quality is our top priority at Clam, and it’s reflected in everything we make. We started the Ice Fishing Revolution™ when we built the first Fish Trap® shelter over 30 years ago, and we’ve never stopped innovating. Today we offer the largest line of shelters in the business, the IceArmor® by Clam line of jackets, bibs, boots and gloves and all types of accessories – from Dave Genz and Jason Mitchell rods to bait buckets and sled lights. We offer everything you need to be successful out on the ice. And we’ve got you covered after the ice melts too. Our line of Polar ATV/UTV & lawn tractor trailers, summer products like the Clam Six Pack 1660 Mag Screen Shelter & Jason Mitchell Elite Series Rods are built with the same dedication to quality and are made to exceed your expectations.

Clam products have you covered for all seasons!

We at Vexilar have a long and proud history of innovation in fishing products. Vexilar has been in the marine business since 1960. They have always been a small company with good hard working employees and their goal has simply been to offer the sportsman innovative and quality products at affordable prices.

Innovative, quality and affordable products, that started a tradition almost a half century ago and still holds true today. It is easy to see why many owner's of Vexilar products would not go fishing without their Vexilar.

As the name implies, SONARPHONE turns your smart phone or tablet into a fully functional sonar system that will rival any high end sonar on the market today. Using Patented WiFi signal technology to transmit to smart phones or tablets. You don’t need cell phone coverage to use it, the SONARPHONE will work anywhere in the world. The SONARPHONE creates its own WiFi hotspot and you can share your signal with as many people as you wish, the software App is downloaded for free from the App store and works with both Android and IOS systems.

The Patented Cold Snap Blade Protector installs in a "Snap" safely protecting your auger for transport in less than 3 seconds! There's no need to remove your gloves to attach your blade cover to your ice auger! Protects you and your blades.

To Remove your Snap Cap, simply hold the auger upright with the weight down on the cover, and open with your foot. Lift out and you're done. Tested tough. Resistant to snow and ice build-up. If it's convenient to use, you'll use it.  If it's covered, it's safe!

About Kenders Outdoors
Quality and affordable products for every level of outdoor enthusiast.

Kenders Outdoors has established a clear vision - to provide quality and affordable products that aid in catching more fish.

Our line of products assist anglers around the world, giving them a competitive edge on their target species. We continue to improve and field test our gear to ensure our products will catch fish.

Kenders Outdoors was created by two friends (Matt and Tyler) who both have the same passion for the outdoors. Living in the Upper Midwest has allowed them to spend many hours on the frozen water chasing their favorite species and creating lasting memories with friends.

We thank you for visiting us and hope your ice house is full of laughter, friends, and fish! See you on the lake. 

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