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crappie on ice

Todd was fishing on the ice in the Duluth, MN area when this Walleye trophy was caught
30 inches long with a 24 inch girth

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Steve and his son Matt enjoying some MN bass fishing with BWS OutDoors

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Fran had caught this 45 lb mirror carp on Sweet corn in Somerset PA. The fish was on for an hour and eventually landed. The bait of corn was rigged on a very sharp hook with the whole hook covered and 4 bb weights were placed on the leader. Corn kernels were also used to chum for the here.

This page offers viewers a place that they are able to display their trophy catches and tell the story that is behind those catches. We enjoy hearing about how and where you caught these nice fish as well as others do to, so that they are able to apply those tactics to their fishing as well.

This can also be an area that anglers share their knowledge with other anglers from local to around the world. Showcasing the baits that they use as from different locations there are always a wide variety of baits and how they are used.

Also, types of waters fished is a great topic that can be shown as each angler fishes different water depths, color of water variations, vegetation that each angler fishes through. This type of information is very helpful to all anglers so that they are able to apply that knowledge to the waters they fish as well.

A place that you can tell others to visit and brag about those fish that you have been catching. Everybody likes to get recognized and this is our way of accomplishing this so that you and your fish are shown for all others to see.

We are always looking at growing our web site and by offering this fans page, that is one way that you can help us achieve this goal as well as we showcase your achievements. The fishing community is a very tight knit group, as anglers are always willing to help and share information so that everyone can have a very enjoyable day on the water.

So the next time that you catch a very nice fish, remember to think of us at Backwoods Sportsman Outdoors, send us a photo and short description and let your friends know that you caught that great fish.

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Lukas caught this 26" Walleye out of a little creek in Illinois

Big Horn River Montana

Steve was fishing the Big Horn River in Montana in a float boat and caught this nice Brown Trout on a Hopper Dry Fly, nice catch Steve

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