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The contact page is the best way for contacting us if you have questions, comments or want to see something added to our web page. We are always looking for feedback from our followers so that we are able to offer the latest and most pertinent information that people are looking for.

We are based in the New England area and a lot of the information is geared towards this location, but can also be used and applied to other parts of the country as well. Especially for freshwater, as most fish are dispersed across a majority of the states in this country.

We are constantly up dating information and it is a good practice of checking back often is recommended for keeping up to date on current news. We have a wide variety of articles that show you different techniques as well as a comprehensive list of tips for a lot of different subjects in the outdoor world.

We are fishing every week, so our reports page is always current as we fish for a variety of species and in the report you are able to learn what is currently working and where to look for fish in your area. There is a comprehensive Kids Outdoor Education page for a listing of all of the current outdoor education classes for all of the New England states.

As you can see, we strive to cover all the angles for enjoying the outdoors and try to keep everything relevant as to what is happening now. This way when you come to our page, you will have the latest information and this in turn will make you more productive while out on the water.

So if there is anything that you want us to know, please use this page for contacting us, or our email: and we appreciate all comments from you, our followers.